Mark your territory (literally) with Foursquare


Yahoo releases 4 new mobile products

NFC provides new ways to judge a book by its cover

Now blogging is truly post-literate: Jux for the iPad

Ok, I deride, but I am impressed: the first touchscreen-based publishing platform. Via ReadWriteWeb:

Blogging Is So Over: Jux Comes To The iPad.

Consumer habit of pulling out phone while pumping gas adroitly exploited

Southwest 7-Eleven stores garner 25,000 CRM database opt-ins – Mobile Commerce Daily – Database/CRM

A company that operates 300 7-Eleven stores and provides gas to another 600 convenience stores recently put mobile at the hub of a multichannel promotion, signing up 25,000 to a CRM database. Alon Brands sells gas under the Fina brand to convenience stores in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona and also operates 7-Eleven stores in these regions.

Death of QR apparently news to Starbucks

Happy to see Starbucks take the QR plunge once more, apparently unaware of recent pronouncements of its death. This kind of QR usage — providing deeper information than page/signage real estate allows — is right on the money, but I’m bearish on so much reliance on video.

Starbucks QR Codes Tell You More About Its Coffee

Starbucks is launching a QR code program designed to let consumers learn more about its coffee. The codes, created by Scanbuy, have already started appearing at some Starbucks locations and in ads in popular magazines like People and in daily newspapers as well as on billboard ads.

Mobile donations could give an edge to mobile-savvy candidates

If the 2008 general election was the first true social media election, 2012 may be the first mobile…

Presidential Campaigns Seek Fundraising’s Holy Grail: Mobile Donations

WASHINGTON — The thirst for money is an endemic feature of modern presidential campaigns, and one that is only worsening. In 1988, those who ran for the White House raised a combined $324.4 million. Twenty years later, that total was $1.748 billion .

Mobile Web vs. App Smackdown

One of the most cogent arguments I’ve read on this muddled debate.

Whether a company elects to build a Web site optimized for mobile or decides to pursue a strategy of creating standalone apps, at the core of the company”s objectives are 1) making data and data-related services available to their desired audience, and 2) the experiences they want their audience to have.
Via Mobile Marketer

Retro resurgence in mobile gaming

Further proof of the boundless nostalgia of the Gen-Xer for simpler technological times…

10 Retro Games for the Modern Mobile

Despite modern gaming technology, gamers are still eager for a throwback, now and then. Modern mobile gaming has adopted retro style to create new experiences. Although the graphics and sound on retro games were once considered modern, now they’re considered an art form. Some have updated franchise games popular in the ‘80s and early ‘90s.